Eric.ed.gov – The Relationship between Hyperactivity and Mathematics Learning among a Child with Deep Deafness

eric.ed.gov har udgivet: The current research aims at finding the relationship between hyperactivity and math learning among a child with deep deafness. The research sample was 40 children from four levels of primary education, ranging in age from (10) to (17) years, the research tools was two tests: a test was used for the evaluation of mathematics, and Teacher’s test of hyperactivity, and results found that deep deafness has led to the realization of the hypotheses established by the existence of a statistically significant inverse and intermediate correlation between hyperactivity and mathematical learning. Not also includes a relationship between each of the three symptoms of hyperactivity (Lack of attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity) and learning mathematics despite the difference in degree of correlation that was in favor of the ADHD. Based… Continue Reading