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The IMPACT Project is a parental involvement initiative originating in London, England. This book aims at a kaleidoscopic approach reflecting a variety of perspectives on the work in this project over five years. Chapters are grouped according to particular aspects of parental involvement. Part I, “Starting IMPACT,” contains only one chapter: “IMPACT: Pride, Prejudice and Pedagogy: One Director’s Personal Story” (Ruth Merttens). Part II, “Doing IMPACT,” contains five chapters: “IMPACT and the Early Years Classroom” (Chris Tye), “Maths in My Home” (Sue Hunter), “A Probationer’s Year on IMPACT’s Probationary Year” (Kerry Carrie), “IMPACT: A Parent’s Personal Perspective” (Sylvia Harrison), and “IMPACT: Does It Really Make a Difference? A Teacher’s Personal View” (Linda Calvert). Part III, “Supporting IMPACT,” contains five chapters: “IMPACT: A Humberside Perspective” (Alwyn Morgan and Paul Tremere). “IMPACT in the Urban Authority” (David Brostow), “IMPACT: Changes in a Support Teacher’s Role” (Margaret Williams), “Child-Centeredness, IMPACT and the National Curriculum” (Ian Lewis), and “IMPACT at the Core of the Curriculum: The Work of a Primary Maths Adviser in the New Era” (David Owen). Part IV, “Research in the Area,” contains five chapters: “Parents in the New Era: Myth and Reality?” (Martin Hughes, Felicity Wikeley, and Tricia Nash), “Parental Partnerships: Comfort or Conflict?” (Richard Border and Ruth Merttens), “IMPACT and Cultural Diversity” (Deborah Curle), “Practising Mathematics Education: A Context for IMPACT (Lin Taylor and John Smith), and “IMPACT In-Service Training: A View from the Centre of the Web” (Ruth Merttens). Part V, “Reflections,” contains six chapters: “Parental Involvement from Policy to Practice: An Education Officer’s View” (Tim Brighouse), “Special Needs, Parents and the Education Reform Act” (Gary Thomas), “Participation, Dialogue and the Reproduction of Social Inequalities” (Andrew Brown), “Marginal Dialogues, Social Positions and Inequity in Rhetorical Resources” (Jeff Vass), “Family Math in Toronto” (Peter Saarimaki), and “Including Parents: The Dynamics of Resistance” (Dorothy Hamilton and Deryck Dyne). (MKR)

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Troels Gannerup Christensen

Jeg er ansat som lektor hos Læreruddannelsen i Jelling, hvor jeg underviser i matematik, specialiseringsmodulet teknologiforståelse, praktik m.m. Jeg har tidligere været ansat som pædagogisk konsulent i matematik og tysk hos UCL ved Center for Undervisningsmidler (CFU) i Vejle og lærer i udskolingen (7.-9. klasse) på Lyshøjskolen i Kolding. Jeg er ejer af og driver bl.a. hjemmesiderne www.lærklokken.dk og www.iundervisning.dk, ggbkursus.dk og er tidligere fagredaktør på matematik på emu.dk. Jeg går ind for, at læring skal være let tilgængelig og i størst mulig omfang gratis at benytte.

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