Eric.ed.gov – Studies in Teaching: 2012 Research Digest. Action Research Projects Presented at Annual Research Forum (Winston-Salem, North Carolina, June 29, 2012)

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This document presents the proceedings of the 17th Annual Research Forum held June 29, 2012, at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Included herein are the following 25 action research papers: (1) “Reading and Writing”: A Study Comparing the Strengths of Peer Review and Visible Author Writing Strategies (Elizabeth Behar); (2) Project Based Learning: Is this New Method an Effective Educational Approach to Learning? (Camille Collier); (3) Building a Sense of Community in a High School Physics Class (Nick Corak); (4) Seeing Double: Visual Media and Expanding Definitions of Literacy in the English Classroom (John Randall Davis); (5) Improving Student Attitudes towards Science through Scientific Module Instruction (Carson V. Dobrin); (6) Web 2.0 in High School Social Studies: What Happens? (Kate Douglass); (7) Creative Expression in the Math Classroom: How Incorporating Performance Arts Affects Student Engagement and Motivation (Monica Doyle), (8) Exploring Students’ Perceptions about Math: The Value of Explanations in Modern Context (Caroline Ewald); (9) An Investigation of Using Graphing Calculators to Improve Conceptual Understanding in Secondary Mathematics (Samantha Freiberg); (10) The Effect of Personal Goals on Student Motivation and Achievement (Anna Hester); (11) The Effects of Humanistic, Research-based, Anecdotal Science Instruction on Biology Students’ Identity in Science (Joseph Hester); (12) Fostering Proactive and Sustained Student Engagement in Poetry (Thomas Kozak); (13) Tracking Talk: Is Dialogic Instruction Differentially Viable Across Academic Tracks? (Chris Lee); (14) Teaching Short Stories: Scaffolded Learning in the High School English Classroom (Dino Mangano); (15) Tools for Thinking: How the Analysis of Primary Sources Influence Students’ Critical Thinking (Matthew D. Mizell); (16) The Use of Hispanic Dance to Develop Cultural Awareness and Language Ability (Kelsey Paul); (17) What’s My Role? Using Roles in Cooperative Learning in Social Studies (Taylor Peele); (18) “And Historical Thinking For All” (Benjamin Phillis); (19) Grading Teacher Feedback: An Action Research Study (Kathryn Rea); (20) How Graphic Organizers Affect Student Achievement and Engagement in Poetry Analysis (Christopher Sabolcik); (21) The Effect of Journaling from Characters’ Perspectives on Students’ Engagement (Emily Satterfield); (22) Ephemera in the Classroom: Creating Lasting Knowledge from Temporal Objects (Julianna Sehy); (23) Can Problem-Based Learning Address Stereotypes in Science to Help Female High School Students Create Scientific Identities? (Aaron Willey); (24) Peer-teaching, Group Presentation, and Students’ Understanding of Physics (Andrew Wilson); and (25) Reflective Journal Writing and Student Engagement (Brian Wood). (Individual papers contain references, tables, and figures.) [Abstract revised to meet ERIC guidelines.]

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Jeg er ansat som adjunkt hos Læreruddannelsen i Jelling, hvor jeg underviser i matematik, specialiseringsmodulet teknologiforståelse, praktik m.m. Jeg har tidligere været ansat som pædagogisk konsulent i matematik og tysk hos UCL ved Center for Undervisningsmidler (CFU) i Vejle og lærer i udskolingen (7.-9. klasse) på Lyshøjskolen i Kolding. Jeg er ejer af og driver bl.a. hjemmesiderne www.lærklokken.dk og www.iundervisning.dk, ggbkursus.dk og er tidligere fagredaktør på matematik på emu.dk. Jeg går ind for, at læring skal være let tilgængelig og i størst mulig omfang gratis at benytte.

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