Eric.ed.gov – Teaching and Learning Conditions Are Critical to the Success of Students and the Retention of Teachers. Final Report on the 2006 Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey to the Clark County School District and Clark County Education Association

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Emerging research from across the nation demonstrates that school working conditions–time, teacher empowerment, school leadership, professional development, and facilities and resources–are critical to increasing student achievement and retaining teachers. The existing national data regarding working conditions impact on student achievement and teacher turnover provided a meaningful impetus for the Clark County School District of Nevada (CCSD) and its schools to conduct a survey to gather data with which to inform local working condition reform strategies. By placing the perceptions of Clark County educators at the center of school and district efforts to better recruit and retain teachers, the goal is to create a stable teaching force that allows for a high quality teacher in every classroom across the district. Analysis of the approximately 8,500 survey responses (representing 47.5 percent of CCSD educators) demonstrates that working conditions are critical to increasing student achievement and retaining teachers. Of the various data implications from the survey, five primary findings from the analysis of the teacher working conditions data are included in this report: (1) Teacher working conditions are student learning conditions; (2) Teaching and learning conditions affect teacher retention; (3) Teachers and administrators view working conditions differently; (4) Schools vary widely in the presence of teaching and learning conditions; and (5) Clark County teachers are more negative about working conditions than teachers in other states. More in depth analysis of each of the five working conditions areas (along with mentoring and induction) is also provided within the body of this report. From these findings and the domain analysis, recommendations for CCSD and individual schools are offered to enhance efforts to improve teacher working conditions: (1) Ensure schools have and use teaching and learning conditions survey data as part of school improvement planning; (2) Invest in school leaders who can create positive teaching and learning recommendations; (3) Continue experimentations with empowerment schools and other means of engaging teachers in decision making; and (4) Invest substantially in new teacher induction and support. The following are appended: (1) Statistical Analysis for Elementary School Performance on K-8 Math; (2) Statistical Analysis for Elementary School Performance on K-8 Reading; (3) Statistical Model on Elementary School Teacher Intent to Stay Teaching in Their School; and (4) Statistical Model on Secondary School Teacher Intent to Quit to Leave CCSD. (Contains 6 figures, 25 tables, and 20 notes.) [This report was written with Keri Church and Ed Fuller and was produced by the Center for Teaching Quality, formerly known as the Southeast Center for Teaching Quality. Additional support was provided by the Clark County Education Association.]

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