Eric.ed.gov – The Effectiveness of Child-Centered (Piggybacking) Approach to Early Childhood Teacher Education.

eric.ed.gov har udgivet: A total of 58 preservice teachers enrolled in an elementary childhood program at Fitchburg State College in Massachusetts were surveyed before and after taking a special math, science, and social studies course called Piggybacking. This course emphasizes child-centered and cooperative learning by allowing elementary school students to choose individual preservice teachers to work with on a one-to-one basis for an entire semester. The elementary school students learn math, science, and social studies concepts, and the preservice teachers learn by observing how children think and learn. Before enrolling in the course, the preservice teachers indicated high levels of concern about innovative methods such as child-centered and cooperative learning. After the course, however, levels of concern dropped by an average of 20 percent. (MDM) Link til kilde