Eric.ed.gov – Redesigning Schools: To Reach Every Student with Excellent Teachers. Financial Planning for Secondary-Level Time-Technology Swap + Multi-Classroom Leadership

eric.ed.gov har udgivet: This brief shows how middle and high school teachers in a Time-Technology Swap school model, with or without Multi-Classroom Leaders, may earn more while reaching more students, sustainably. In this model, students alternate between learning with teachers and working in a digital learning lab, where they learn online and engage in offline skill practice, homework, and project work. This frees the time of teachers to teach more students, plan, and collaborate with their peers in teaching teams. Teaching teams may also have Multi-Classroom Leaders, excellent teachers who are accountable for the outcomes of all the team’s students in a subject and for team members’ job-embedded development. Calculations are shown of when students learn online every other day in core subjects, spending a maximum average of two hours… Continue Reading