tandfonline.com – Equine-assisted learning in youths at-risk for school or social failure

tandfonline.com har udgivet en rapport under søgningen “Teacher Education Mathematics”: Abstract Formulae display:?Mathematical formulae have been encoded as MathML and are displayed in this HTML version using MathJax in order to improve their display. Uncheck the box to turn MathJax off. This feature requires Javascript. Click on a formula to zoom. Abstract This study examined whether a three-month equine-assisted learning program improved measures of character skills in two independent cohorts of Year 1 youths, in a specialized secondary school for youths with difficulties coping with mainstream curriculum. In 2013, 75 students underwent intervention while 82 students did not. In 2014, 58 students underwent intervention and 59 students were waitlisted in semester 1; cross-over was performed in semester 2. The students were rated a week before, mid-way and a week post-intervention.… Continue Reading