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The U.S. arm of technology giant Siemens Corp. recently reported it has 3,000 jobs open because of the dearth of skilled workers. More than half of those open jobs require science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills. A recent study by ManpowerGroup found that a record 52 percent of U.S. employers have difficulty filling critical positions within their companies–up from 14 percent in 2010. Many of these jobs require a strong background in STEM, but American colleges are producing fewer math and science graduates. This has led to a skills mismatch in our country. The bottom line is that STEM workers are more likely to be employed and more likely to earn better pay. The unemployment rate for workers who only have a high school degree is twice that of college graduates. Graduates in STEM fields are in increasing demand–eight of the 10 fastest-growing job markets require knowledge of math and science. Since 2007, the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI) has made educational excellence its primary mission. With the support of leaders in business, education and government, NMSI is raising the academic bar in public schools. It is expanding opportunities for success in America, particularly for traditionally underrepresented students. NMSI’s goal is to get more American students college-ready and prepared for the jobs of the future. NMSI’s can achieve this goal: (1) By dramatically increasing their success in Advanced Placement math, science and English classes in high school; and (2) By expanding the highly successful UTeach program to train STEM majors to become teachers in America’s public schools, so they can inspire and equip more American students.

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Troels Gannerup Christensen

Jeg er ansat som adjunkt hos Læreruddannelsen i Jelling, hvor jeg underviser i matematik, specialiseringsmodulet teknologiforståelse, praktik m.m. Jeg har tidligere været ansat som pædagogisk konsulent i matematik og tysk hos UCL ved Center for Undervisningsmidler (CFU) i Vejle og lærer i udskolingen (7.-9. klasse) på Lyshøjskolen i Kolding. Jeg er ejer af og driver bl.a. hjemmesiderne www.lærklokken.dk og www.iundervisning.dk, ggbkursus.dk og er tidligere fagredaktør på matematik på emu.dk. Jeg går ind for, at læring skal være let tilgængelig og i størst mulig omfang gratis at benytte.

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