Eric.ed.gov – GED as Project: Pathways to Passing the GED. Volume 2: Math.

eric.ed.gov har udgivet: This guide presents math-focused learning projects and accompanying inquiry activities to help students pass the math portion of the GED 2002. It is Volume 2 of a proposed four-volume series; Volume 1 describing the concept of the GED as project is also available. Section 1 relates GED as project to the math portion of the GED and explains how inquiry activities use Official GED Math Practice Test questions as stimuli and can serve as models for teacher-designed activities. It introduces the template for math inquiry activities, a series of steps and questions that fulfill the learner-centered thinking and process this guide proposes. Section 2 is an introductory learning project that helps learners comprehend and internalize information about the GED, “GED Math and You.” The two inquiry activities… Continue Reading